About Me

I started my design career when I was in my 20's.
I welcome each and every projects with in-depth user research,
best in class UI/UX practices, and a commitment to my stakeholder
and users.

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My Story

I grew up in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey (Jersey Devil area!) In addition, I lived ten minutes outside of Long Beach Island, a beach destination. I was raised with a mixture of hunting and sunbathing!

I am the youngest of five. Voted most creative in highschool and a certified Theater nerd!

When I was 18, I came up to Boston for my Freshman year at Fisher College. I was majoring in Psychology but ended up dropping out as I was not able to afford tuition on my own.

I worked a bit in the food service industry for a few years before finally stumbling in Web and User Experience Design.

my design career

I enrolled at New England Institute of Art in 2016 and around the same time landed my first internship (which became a fulltime job). The company was called Mobispoke and focused on retail solutions for major retailers. Projects varied from IOS apps, RFID technology, smart fitting rooms, kiosks, admin tools, etc. Whatever was needed by our clients we provided with our knowledge of the IOT industry and best of retail strategy.

About three years later, I ended up leaving Mobispoke (now called Kurt Salmon, Part of Accenture, through two acquisitions.) I worked in a hybrid developer/designer role at Lovepop for a little less than a year.

AdDaptive Intelligence was my next venture. I stayed there for three years where I pioneered UI strategy, branding intuitive, and user centric design and strategy work. I product managed and built out requirements for multiple features through the platform.

My area of focus in management was the conceptualization of a custom reporting tool which I architected, designed, fleshed out, and managed through pilot to beta versions and beyond.


Currently at Linksquares focused on the productization of the dashboards experience.

As a side job and to grow my mentoring experience, I worked with Designlabs and students going through the UX Academy (about 10+ at a time)

With Designlabs, I accommodate my teaching skills per each student whether that’s managing, collaborative efforts, or giving design guidance over the fast paced curriculum of the Academy.I also continue to learn UX on my own.

I am part of the Harness UX course which partners with 3 clients. I also volunteer at Code for Boston and other non-profits providing my UX experience wherever I can!

My past experience

My work experience is varied from ad-tech to retail strategy to contract management. I've always been up for a challenge and used to wearing multiple roles and caps.

My varied role and experiences have made me an effective designer and manager in my recent roles. All of which has made me an effective mentor to my students.

2022 - Ongoing

Senior Product Designer - Aetna, part of CVS

2022 - Ongoing

Design Mentor - DesignLabs


User Experience Student - Harness Projects

2019 - 2022

Principal Designer/Product Manager -AdDaptive Intelligence


User Experience Developer - Lovepop

2015 - 2019

User Experience Designer/Web Analyst - Kurt Salmon, Part of Accenture

2015 - 2018

Bachelors Science - Design/Development
New England Institute of Art